The Martial Artist




Natsu Dragneel

The Martial Artist is a custom Asterisk created by Mystogan for use by Natsu Dragneel.


The Martial Artist takes on the form of a torn sleeved red gi tied in place with a black belt.[1] Upon the belt itself is a blue crystal that sparkles in the light, marking it out as the asterisk proper.[2]


  • Blazing Fireball [3]
  • Blazing Hurricane Kick [3]
  • Brawler Fireball [3]
  • Fire Dragon's Iron Fist [3]
  • Fire Dragon's Iron Fist Rapid Fire [4]
  • Fire Swan [3]
  • Raging Fire Stream [3]
  • Shoryuken [3]
  • Shoryureppa [3]
  • Tornado Fire Kick [4]


  • The name of this Asterisk is never actually revealed within Fairy Without Wings, rather it was revealed later on by DraconicHero.[5]


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