Storm Dragon Slayer Magic


Lost Magic
Caster Magic

Parent Magic

Dragon Slayer Magic


Alice Amakusa
Archer Amakusa[1]

Storm Dragon Slayer Magic



Basic Spells

  • Storm Dragon's Roar
  • Storm Dragon's Tornado Strike
  • Storm Dragon's Electric Tornado
  • Storm Dragon's Wing Attack
  • Storm Dragon's Wing Beat
    • Storm Dragon's Thunder Wing
    • Storm Dragon's Ice Wing
  • Storm Dragon's Claw
    • Storm Dragon's Rending Lightning Claw
  • Storm Dragon's Crushing Fang
    • Storm Dragon's Thunder Fang a.k.a Storm Dragon's Lightning Fang
  • Storm Dragon's Storm Drain
  • Storm Dragon's Thunder Wave
  • Storm Dragon's Tempest Fist
  • Storm Dragon's Tempest Tongue
  • Storm Dragon's Cyclone Swipe

Advanced Spells

  • Queen of Hearts: Mighty Thunderstorm
  • Queen of Hearts: Mighty Tornado
  • Queen of Hearts: Storm Breath
  • Queen of Hearts: Flash Flood
  • Queen of Hearts: Lightning Spear Tempest
  • Queen of Hearts: Lightning Maelstrom

Dragon Force Level

  • Hidden Storm Form: Lightning - Thunder Claw
  • Hidden Storm Form: Ice - Frost Bite


  1. Fairy Without Wings: Chapter 180


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