The Order of the Dragon Slayers is a clan of individuals, with the sole purpose to kill the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse Acnologia. It is founded by the Storm Dragon Slayer Alice Amakusa, and is headed by the Fire Dragon Slayer Natsu Dragneel.


The Order of the Dragon Slayers was formed on July 6th X791 at Castle Mercurius, Crocus, during an intermission of the finale of the Grand Magic Games, after the battle between Alice and Natsu.

During the pair's battle, in Alice's own dimension Wonderland, she explains to Natsu of the blight on Dragon kind and the Dragon Slayers that is Acnologia, and how she believes is the best method possible; by gathering as many of the dragon slayers and relative people to form a group.[1]

Once the Games are paused for a break, all but three of the known dragon slayers are brought to a conference room in the palace, along with the transformed dragon Atarella Kozuki, her daughter Kallen Kozuki, and the juvenile dragon Nippy. Alice and Natsu explain what happened in Wonderland to the gathered group, and go on to explain their plan to kill Acnologia. It is then suggested by Nessa Revanati that the group of mages should form a clan, thus beginning the Order of the Dragon Slayers.[2]


Name Position Relation Status
Alice AmakusaFounderFirst Generation Dragon SlayerActive
Natsu DragneelChairmanFirst Generation Dragon SlayerActive
Anya AlstreamMemberFirst Generation Dragon SlayerActive
Archer AmakusaMemberSkeleton Key capable Dragon SlayerActive
Atarella KozukiMemberTransformed DragonActive
Gajeel RedfoxMemberFirst Generation Dragon SlayerActive
Gino WeinbergMemberSecond Generation Dragon SlayerActive
God Serena[3]MemberSecond Generation Dragon SlayerActive
Kallen KozukiMemberTakeover: Dragon Soul MageActive
Laxus DreyarMemberSecond Generation Dragon SlayerActive
Lelouch LamperougeMemberFirst Generation Dragon SlayerActive
Miala HauticlereMemberFirst Generation Dragon SlayerActive
Nessa RevanatiMemberFirst Generation Dragon SlayerActive
Rena SianneMemberSecond Generation Dragon SlayerActive
Rogue ChenneyMemberThird Generation Dragon SlayerActive
Sting EucliffeMemberThird Generation Dragon SlayerActive
Undine CelesteMemberFirst Generation Dragon SlayerActive
Wendy MarvellMemberFirst Generation Dragon SlayerActive


Main Timeline

Mordred Timeline



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