Fighting Spirit
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Guild Master

Juren Rakkan

S-Class Mages

Chandra Graymare
Rorix Graymare
Renji Blake
Vixie Blake


Legal Mage

Fighting Spirit is a legal mage guild within the Kingdom of Fiore. It was founded by members of the former legal mage guild Angel's Feather as a means to combat the dark guild Demon's Horn after one of its members defected. As of X791, the guild is competing in the Grand Magic Games for the title of Fiore's Strongest Guild.




Name Rank Magic Status
Juren RakkanGuild MasterKinetics Magic and Regenerative Tissue MagicActive
Nivea FeathermaneS-ClassWhite Wings of Heaven plusDeceased
Chandra GraymareS-ClassFire Magic and Fire Body MagicActive
Rorix GraymareS-ClassMetal MakeActive
Vanessa GraymareMageHealing MagicActive
Bakuto GraymareMageUnknownActive
Renji BlakeS-ClassRequip: The Knight and Requip: The GunnerActive
Vixie BlakeS-ClassShockwave MagicActive
Rukia BlakeMageUnknownActive
Selina VictoriaMageSword Magic and Succubus MagicActive
Orochi BahnMageKinetics MagicActive
Shimon IkariMageSpiral God Slayer Magic and Kinetics MagicActive
Suzaku KururugiMageKinetics MagicLeft
Genbu KururugiS-ClassKinetics MagicDeceased
Chikara RasenhimeSpiritN/ADeceased


Knightmare Frame

Fairy Tail


Demon's Horn

Battles and Events


  • The reason why the prominent members of the guild have references to Project X Zone and Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier is because of Draconichero21's great interest in the mentioned series at that time.[1]


  1. Draconichero18's DeviantArt Journal: Fairy Without Wings Fun Facts


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