Edolas is a parallel dimension to Earthland, and was what the country that the events of the Edolas Arc took place was originally known as. The Edolas Kingdom was succeeded into the Britannian Empire after a battle between the then king, Faust and the now Emperor; Charles zi Britannia.



Edolas Symbol

The Amakusa Royal Crest

Britannian Empire Banner

The Standard of the Holy Britannian Empire

Rule and Government


Name Rank Asterisk Status
Charles zi BritanniaEmperorThe AlchemistActive
Lelouch vi BritanniaPrinceN/AActive
Nunnally vi BritanniaPrincessN/AActive
IgneelKnight of OneThe SamuraiActive
MetalicanaKnight of TwoThe ExecutionerActive
GeorraKnight of ThreeThe MonkActive
AcnologiaKnight of FourN/AActive
Erza KnightwalkerKnight of FiveFour AsterisksActive
NekrosisKnight of SixThe ArcanistActive
Dark BladeKnight of SevenThe Dark KnightActive
Panther LilyKnight of EightN/ALeft
Kallen StadtfeldKnight of NineThe Spirit MasterActive
Estellise LowellKnight of TenThe Red MageActive
MilliannaKnight of ElevenThe ThiefActive
MC Greased LightningKnight of TwelveThe PerformerActive
Faust AmakusaKingN/ADeceased
Jellal AmakusaThe Forsaken PrinceThe RenegadeActive
Marianne vi BritanniaEmpressThe VampireActive




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