Magic and Abilities

Known Dragons

Name Title Dragon Slayer Disciple Status
AcnologiaThe Black Dragon of the ApocalypseN/AActive
IgneelThe Fire Dragon KingNatsu Dragneel
Shyra Knightwalker
MetalicanaThe Iron DragonGajeel RedfoxInactive
GrandeenyThe Sky Dragon QueenWendy MarvellInactive
NekrosisThe Bone DragonLelouch LamperougeInactive
GeorraThe Rock DragonAnya AlstreamInactive
FafnirThe Ice Dragon LordEmma JaegerDeceased
NystikaThe Nature DragonNessa RevanatiInactive
LukewoodThe Moon Dragon PrinceJessica DiamuraInactive
ErubayThe Water Dragon QueenUndine CelesteDeceased
WeisslogiaThe White DragonSting EucliffeInactive
SkiadrumThe Shadow DragonRogue ChenneyInactive
OroroThe Storm Dragon QueenAlice AmakusaDeceased
NippyThe Last DragonMiala HauticlereActive
RaidenThe Lightning DragonN/ADeceased
ZirconnisThe Jade DragonN/AUnknown
GranabelleThe Emerald Dragon QueenN/ADeceased
AtarellaThe Emerald Dragon QueenN/ATransformed
KallenThe Radiation DragonN/AActive
TorquestThe Sapphire Dragon KingN/AUnknown
MordredThe Corrupted DragonN/ADeceased
HephatesThe Sapphire DragonN/ADeceased
CyaxThe Greatest Void Dragon in HistoryN/ADeceased
LusterforgeThe Crystal DragonN/ADeceased
NasystThe Poison DragonN/ADeceased
Atlas FlameThe Hellfire DragonN/AInactive
SephiramusThe Meteor DragonN/ADeceased
KhrenosThe Lightning DragonN/ADeceased
VijaThe Gravity DragonN/ADeceased
Scissor RunnerThe Laser DragonN/ADeceased
ZebtrodeThe Sound DragonN/ADeceased
MagneenaThe Solar DragonN/ADeceased
SharruviaThe Barrier DragonN/ADeceased
AuriosThe Gold DragonN/ADeceased
JumanshiThe Blade DragonN/ADeceased



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