Alice Assyria-Amakusa
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Alice Amakusa





Professional Information


Phoenix Grave Logo Phoenix Grave
Order of the Dragon Slayers Logo Order of the Dragon Slayers


Team Phoenix Grave




Ororo (adoptive mother)
Igneel (adoptive father)
Archer Amakusa (husband)
Pyrrha Amakusa (daughter)
Natsu Dragneel (adoptive brother)
Nippy (brother; not blood-related)


Storm Dragon Slayer Magic
Geass Magic
Water Magic
Lightning Magic
Ice Magic

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Original Series


Alice Assyria-Amakusa[1]



Main Timeline

Mordred Timeline


Magic and Abilities

Storm Dragon Slayer Magic

Basic Techniques:

  • Storm Dragon's Roar
  • Storm Dragon's Tornado Strike
  • Storm Dragon's Electric Tornado
  • Storm Dragon's Wing Attack
  • Storm Dragon's Wing Beat
    • Storm Dragon's Thunder Wing
    • Storm Dragon's Ice Wing
  • Storm Dragon's Claw
    • Storm Dragon's Rending Lightning Claw
  • Storm Dragon's Crushing Fang
    • Storm Dragon's Thunder Fang
    • Storm Dragon's Lightning Fang
  • Storm Dragon's Storm Drain
  • Storm Dragon's Thunder Wave
  • Storm Dragon's Tempest Fist
  • Storm Dragon's Tempest Tongue
  • Storm Dragon's Cyclone Swipe

Secret Arts:

  • Queen of Hearts: Mighty Thunderstorm
  • Queen of Hearts: Mighty Tornado
  • Queen of Hearts: Storm Breath
  • Queen of Hearts: Flash Flood
  • Queen of Hearts: Lightning Spear Tempest
  • Queen of Hearts: Lightning Maelstrom
  • Queen of Hearts: Storm of the Century

Dragon Force: "Behold the eye of the storm! Know your place!"

  • Hidden Storm Form: Lightning - Thunder Claw
  • Hidden Storm Form: Ice - Frost Bite

Storm Dragon Queen Mode:

  • Storm Dragon Queen's Roar

Geass Magic

  • Geass: Contract

Water Magic

  • Hydro Cannon

Lightning Magic

  • Sage's Thunderbolt
  • Raging Bolt
  • Thunder Cage
  • Indignation: "On the land of the living, I call upon thee in the land of the dead, to unleash thy fury of thunder: INDIGNATION"

Ice Magic

  • Swirling Blizzard
  • Icicle Rain
  • Arctic Prison


  • Wonderland: "The white rabbit is my guide, the mushrooms are my ears. A hat upon my head tells me it's tea time. Red queen, white queen, a full deck of playing cards. Roses from white to red, a place of dreams, a realm of nightmares. Come with me and we will see who has the better imagination. WONDERLAND!!"



Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Alice's karaoke choice

  • Alice's song during the celebratory ball after the Grand Magic Games and victory over Mordred is a duet, with her husband Archer Amakusa, of Meat Loaf's Paradise By The Dashboard Light[2]
  • The author proclaimed that Alice is undoubtedly his favorite original character in the story.[3]

Battles and Events

  • Alice Amakusa vs Sindel Nebilim
  • Alice Amakusa and Pyrrha Amakusa vs Jellal Fernandes and Ultear Milkovich
  • Alice Amakusa vs Natsu Dragneel
  • Alice Amakusa and Archer Amakusa vs Ororo
  • Alice Amakusa vs Ember Garnet
  • Alice Amakusa vs Atarella Kozuki
  • Alice Amakusa vs Fighting Spirit
  • Alice Amakusa vs Ushiora Vermillion
  • Alice Amakusa vs Atarella Kozuki


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